Walk-In Tub Guide: The most affordable tubs online | Free quotes

Walk-In Tubs offer a safe, comfortable bath for seniors and people with mobility issues. Find an affordable Walk-In Tub in this guide that will bring peace of mind to their next bath. The Walk-In Tubs on this guide can be purchased online. Some brands offer free quotes and even a visit by a specialist to your home.

Need help to find a Walk-In Tub that won’t break the bank? In this guide, you’ll find the cheapest Walk-In Tubs online and discover the health benefits of a Walk-In Tub for seniors or people with mobility issues.

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What is a Walk-In Tub?

A Walk-In Tub is a bathtub that is adapted for accessibility. As suggested by the name, you can simply “walk in” through a door and take a seat for a bath. It’s the safest option for seniors and people with mobility issues that wish to bathe independently. Several seniors end up relying on family for bathing due to how inaccessible regular bathtubs are, so this can be a great option for comfort and independence.

According to Mobility Plus UK, Walk-In Tubs improve well-being since they increase independence. The textured floor and safety bars on a Walk-In tub allow a senior to bathe when they wish to without assistance. Walk-in Tubs help people with restricted mobility due to coronary heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

These tubs also help soothe symptoms from arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, or stiffness if equipped with therapeutic air/ water jets. Mobility Plus UK states that a Walk-In Tub with air jets helps relieve stress since the feeling of the bubbles on your skin releases endorphins. Headaches are also soothed by the warmth of sitting in a relaxing, heated Walk-in Tub.

Where to buy the most affordable Walk-In Tubs?

Several brands sell Walk-In Tubs and online marketplaces. Remember that a Walk-in Tub is a health investment, so it’s best to invest the right amount of money for a good tub than have future problems due to bad quality. Also, it’s important to remember that installation costs change depending on the setup of your bathroom and its structure (stairs, door frame, and other features).

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Official brand websites

Walk-in Tubs are available on official brand websites, which are known for being more trustworthy. On a brand website, you have access to customer support and can ask for a free quote. Make sure to do some online research to find out what other customers are talking about that specific brand and product.

Also, brand websites usually offer a visit by a specialist to your home free of charge. This is the perfect solution if you’re in doubt if a specific Walk-In Tub model will fit in your bathroom or if you have the correct plumbing installed.

Online marketplaces

One of the benefits of buying from an online marketplace is the low cost. These are websites that host many sellers and are more of a “platform” than a store itself - think Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others.

Be aware that the issue with buying from a marketplace is the not-so-great customer support. It’s harder to get in touch with a representative of the brand to ask questions or even a free quote. To avoid this, make sure to buy from official brand sellers and read the product reviews carefully.

Also, online marketplaces sometimes have issues with warranty, so if you have a problem, it’ll be tough to get a replacement or even your money back. That being said, be wise when shopping on these websites and pay attention to the warranty and return policies.

Now you know where to find the cheapest Walk-In tubs available on brand websites and online marketplaces! Get in touch with the sellers, and if you decide online, pay attention to the customer ratings of the seller.

In case you decide to buy from a brand website, ask for a free quote. Many companies even send a specialist to your house free of charge to measure your bathroom and recommend the best Walk-In Tub for you!

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