How to Spend Way Less on Buying a New Car

It should go without saying that buying a new car can be expensive, but we’ll say it anyway: Buying a new car is expensive. Really, really expensive. But luckily, many car manufacturers are slashing their prices right now. And to find the best deal, you just have to know what to look for — and where to look.

How to Buy a Truck for a Price That Seems Too Good to Be True

There’s just something about a truck. Ever since their invention in the early 1920s, pickup trucks have remained an American staple, a symbolic nod to style and grit on both backroads and city streets. However, these days, truck sales are actually falling.

Prices On The Top SUVs For Seniors Are Dropping To Make Room For 2020 Models

Everyone knows that 60 is the new 40. So when it comes to buying a car, senior citizens are saying goodbye to old sedans and hello to sleek SUVs. In fact, SUVs are actually the smartest option for seniors — most models are packed with features that perfectly complement a lifestyle that only gets better with time.