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Migraine Causes You Probably Haven't Heard of

Those who suffer from migraines know just how debilitating these high-grade headaches can be, but the causes can be a bit mysterious.

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A Trendy Walk-In-Tub May Spare Your Loved One A Major Bathroom Injury

Independence is an important part of your loved one’s happiness. Even while maintaining a regular routine of exercise and a healthy diet, an elderly person's balance and coordination can sometimes falter. As a result, the occasional fall may occur.

Why People Are Choosing a Clever Technology Over Expensive Phone Lines

Landlines could be obsolete soon. Why? People are rediscovering a little known voice technology. Thanks to a lack of advertising by the major phone providers, millions of well connected Americans may not have heard of the cheap phone line substitute known as VoIP. Small businesses have relied upon this flexible, money-saving technology for years, but regular homes across the US are finally catching on.

These SUVs Have Features That Will Wow

At the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, the latest, greatest, and most cutting-edge SUVs were on full display. The popularity of SUVs continues to grow, and consumers got a preview of the latest trends

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Could a Stairlift Help Your Aging Parents Stay in Your Childhood Home?

Your parent’s house is where you grew up, where countless comforting meals came out of the kitchen and you relaxed on the couch after a long day at school. This is the place where you made some of your most precious childhood memories. It’s also where your parents have invested their time and energy for years. As you grew up and moved on, your parents stayed. This old house, with its stairs and plentiful rooms that used to contain the whole family, is now becoming too big for your aging parents.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Cashing in on a Clunker

They say, time is money. Knowing when and how to sell your used car is a financial gamble that rests on mileage, resale value, repairs, and your emotions.